Analytics and Dashboards

Know why high performing teams behave the way they do

Use our analytics to gain valuable insight with context into how valuable work actually gets done at your company. Unravel the complex network of teams and talented high performers driving this value with information about key supporting talents.

More successful work outcomes

Soulwork uses past behaviors to surface which kind of individuals and teams are likely (or unlikely) to perform a type of work successfully. Our analytics can help you understand why certain teams click (and some don’t) and what are the best options to get a particular kind of work done based on people’s availability, talent and interests.

Surface drivers of top performance

See what actually leads to goals like higher productivity and innovation, so you know how to recreate the best teams for important initiatives. Understand how talents, employee personas, or particular team dynamics drive impactful work that furthers your strategic priorities.

Recapture lost hours

Automatically identify potential downtime and respond quickly to address dips in demand. Allocate available resources to carefully curated and matched project or investment work tied to your objectives and their interests. Everybody wins.

Make data driven decisions

Analyze interesting segments of people, work, and talents. For example, build a better organizational design strategy based on getting transparency into where talents are distributed in your organization.

Understand your top performers

Find individual and team preferences for work that correlate with increased job satisfaction and employee retention. Identify potential talent misalignments or learning gaps so you can take action right away.

Ready to get started?

See how you can take your workforce's talents and potential to the next level and get more important work done.