Demand Intelligence

Keep your people productive

Soulwork helps companies keep their employees utilized on work, lowering bench time. Use Soulwork to maximize chargeability, align investment hours, and manage demand for high performing teams.
Available People

Find work for people based on their talents and availability

Drive top and bottom line growth by cutting down on lost time and quickly responding to utilization variances. Soulwork helps you efficiently and effectively match people to work using data. Our advanced algorithms combine data about availability, talents, activities, and more to make matches automatically.
Available Work

Find the right people for work based on talents and timing

Finding the right team mix for a new project while balancing budgets and availability is a significant challenge. With Soulwork, leaders and demand managers can get intelligent project staffing recommendations based on your company’s pipeline of work. Finding the right team with the highest probability of success has never been easier.

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