Work Portfolios

Learn about your people

Make your best work your signature. Soulwork automatically builds a dynamic portfolio of your work that’s always up to date. It also adapts to show the talents, activities, and relationships that are most relevant to you, helping you have the best chance of being discovered within your company for interesting projects.
Meaning and Passions

Learn who your teammates and colleagues really are

Work is personal now. Let your people express who they really are and humanize themselves at work. It’s the best way to show you care about your colleagues, who are a lot more than job descriptions and titles. You never know what you’ll learn about someone.

Liberate your talent

Take a journey into yourself and discover talents that you never thought were relevant at work. With Soulwork, you can learn what your coworkers are good at and what they are passionate about learning. Work together and be all that you can by teaching and learning new talents.
Dynamic Portfolios

Uniquely curated portfolios made just for you

Soulwork magically curates profiles of people in your company based on the information you need and care about. Every time you look at a coworker’s profile, we’ll show you the most relevant work, talents, feedback, and other information.

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