Work Selection

Maximize your existing workforce and get high impact work done

Soulwork helps companies find the best people to get important work done and fully utilize resources already available in your company. Get help and help out with high impact activities to reach a new level of high performance.
Activity Feed

Do interesting work

Soulwork automatically recommends interesting work to people based on their talents, interests, feedback, and more. As people complete more work on the platform, recommendations for work become more intelligent and meaningful, increasing both morale and productivity.
Get Help

Find the right people

Say no to silos and get strategic work done quickly and effectively with the right people regardless of where they are located in your company. Use a powerful technology platform that captures people’s interests, talents, and availability to automatically identify and propose best fit teams, increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes for your project.
Team Building

Build a team with the right talents

Find all of the talents you need to get work done. Build truly diverse and ad-hoc teams as needed, and make organic interdepartmental connections that are impossible otherwise. Soulwork gives you the flexibility to choose one person, or a team of people, to help you get things done.
Scheduling and Time Reporting

Automatically schedule and report time

Resource scheduling and time reporting are important parts of accurately managing execution and availability. Soulwork integrates with scheduling and time management systems through standards-based APIs to keep schedules and time in sync and reduce your administrative overhead.

Want your team to be left alone because it’s crunch time? We have you covered. Turn on our do not disturb mode and we won’t route work to you until you have bandwidth.

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