Get to know people by working with them

Whether it’s working together under the high pressure of developing a sophisticated app for your customers or testing out a new approach to financial planning, the best way to get to know people professionally is working with them. Shatter the boundaries of your traditional teams and build meaningful relationships with your colleagues anywhere in the company.

Work across departments and silos

A company’s vision gets executed by teams with a range of complementary talents and interests. Boost teamwork across organizational boundaries and business units, and be amazed at the work that gets done and the relationships that get built.

Shatter myths

Think all green people are good only at one thing or people in a certain department can do things only one way? Find out by reaching out and working with someone you haven’t worked with before. Odds are, your perspectives will expand and predispositions will crumble.

Help your new hires truly feel welcome

Feeling connected, understanding culture and getting noticed is one of the most difficult challenges for new people in your organization. Help them get plugged in and connected right away with Soulwork. It’s the natural way to learn the way things work and meet interesting people in your company.

Make remote workers feel right at home

Don’t leave your remote workers out on opportunities for impactful work. The best way to form meaningful professional relationships is by working together. With Soulwork, all of your people have access to work and the opportunity to make impactful relationships at HQ⁠—whether they’re on board the mothership or many galaxies away.

Mentor strangers

Passionate about paying it forward and helping deserving people get ahead no matter who they are? Don’t go to your “go to” people—find someone to help you have never worked with before. They could use the opportunity to interact with hot shots like you. Help break the cycle of favoritism.

Give together

Passionate about childhood education? Want to help raise money to cure cancer? Whatever your calling to give back, use Soulwork to identify and manage volunteers in your company so that your cause gets the best team working for it. Saving the world is a little bit easier now.

“Our work relationships have a profound effect on how we perceive our jobs. And since passion can often be contagious, surrounding yourself with energetic people, whether at the office or in professional networking groups, can help revive a sagging interest in work.”

Carolyn O’Hara, How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job

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