Innovate differently

What happens when you find new people with fresh perspectives to help you solve age old or next-gen challenges? Add in the imaginativeness of diverse voices with unfamiliar backgrounds and brilliant talents totally foreign to the problem domain. You break tradition.

Ignite and measure innovation

Innovative work can come from anywhere or anyone in your company. Mix your most creative people and ideas on a single platform, and you’ll be in awe of the work they do. Better still, you can measure it all with our advanced dashboards, reporting, and analytics.

Build teams on the fly

Your toughest challenges don’t always happen on a schedule. Get help quickly and build dynamic teams on the fly based on the talents and timing you need. Customer deadline? Tech whiz needed? Amazing people in your company are waiting to help. Give them a platform to save the day.

Work towards your strategy

Ideas are great, but they’re better when they’re directly driving your company’s strategy forward. Soulwork helps people understand and execute towards strategic goals all the way through the lifecycle of an activity.

Execute like crazy on big ideas

Great work isn’t done by gigantic programs or committees. Great work gets done by small, motivated groups of people who bring everything they’ve got to solve your hardest problems. Get people working on work they care about with other high performers, and they’ll execute like crazy.

Encourage and measure team diversity and inclusion

Stuck going to the same people every time you need something done? Broaden your circle, hear a fresh point of view, and find your next set of go-to people⁠—with Soulwork, this can be your entire company.

Build a multidisciplinary mindset

Blockchain for vendor management? Security built into your business process? According to Michael Porter, true strategic positioning is doing different things or doing things differently. Delight your customers by connecting dots with minds outside your team. Work with people even if they don’t work for you.

Leaders who give diverse voices equal airtime are nearly twice as likely as others to unleash value-driving insights, and employees in a “speak up” culture are 3.5 times as likely to contribute their full innovative potential.

Harvard Business Review

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