Workforce Optimization

Solve important problems

Work with anyone in your company. Find amazing people and opportunities. Use all of your talents to make an impact.

Democratize your work

In any high performing culture, there is always a lot to be done and employees who are looking to go above and beyond to make an impact. Capture this capacity artfully by giving your workforce a chance to cross pollinate and contribute while discovering work that gives them passion and meaning.

Match the right people to the right work

Knowing the talents, specific work experience and aspirational interests of all your people is a daunting job. Mismatched people and work can be very expensive in the long run, and can create retention issues with dissatisfied employees. Soulwork uses technology and data to help you find people work they love, so you never have to pick the first person available again.

Discover superstars

There are silent crushers everywhere who unfortunately don't always get a seat at the table. In Soulwork, the loudest voice doesn't win, talent does. Make your progression and succession strategy more informed and transparent by identifying collaborative and innovative high performers anywhere in your company.

Be more agile

Executing against complex stories is a moving target, but budgets and timelines have a way of remaining the same. Give your agile product teams access to additional fractional labor capacity as needed to fork out some requirements without incurring additional full time resource cost.

Build effective blended teams

Undiscovered potential and interest can often be found inside your company, and Soulwork helps you find it. With a truly leveraged and blended team of internal and external resources, you can reduce labor costs and effectively manage the risk of knowledge related to your complex systems and processes staying in house.

Reduce project delivery risk

According to the PwC Annual Global CEO Survey, 73% of CEOs identified “availability of key skills” as one of the top three threats to their companies. Projects fail to deliver on objectives when the right people and talents aren’t available when needed, especially against aggressive budgets and timelines. Soulwork helps your project teams stay on track and find help when they need it.

“To really improve productivity — and to be honest about what it means — you first have to gain a level of organizational self-awareness to understand what work actually drives value at your company, and then direct employees towards these tasks.”

Harvard Business Review, The Paradox of Workplace Productivity

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