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What does Soulwork do?

Soulwork is the central nervous system for your management ecosystem.

With Soulwork, you can provide both technical and business stakeholders a shared, real-time view of how agile project execution is tracking, enabling them to proactively do the right thing for the business in real time.

Start capturing data and analyzing in minutes

  • Connect to your agile tools and task management systems like Jira, Trello, Asana to analyze work related data
  • Weave in additional context with data from calendar, talent databases, version control platforms, and other tools
  • Identify status, risks, and opportunities to execute better in real time
  • Notify and empower the right people to take the right action
  • Learn from intelligence and analytics so teams continuously improve

Understand status without interrupting

Keeping a pulse on everyone's work doesn't have to be a disruption. Pointless daily meetings and email chains go nowhere and distract your team from executing. Get a comprehensive view of all your work streams, team's contributions, work patterns and overall status in real-time while letting people stay focused on what matters.

Cut through the noise

No more stitching together a hundred expensive plugins or writing custom queries to get a half baked view of what you want. Stop getting buried in data and start using Soulwork to visualize insights, status, and metrics with context in one place, and at your fingertips. Integrated and intelligent data driven analytics keep everybody on the same page and drive fast resolution of any issues impacting your projects.

Advocate with facts

Boss needs to know how things are going? Business teams need visibility into project execution? Senior leadership struggles to understand the business value and challenges your team faces day in and day out. Be an effective advocate for your team by getting a complete and data driven picture of your team’s work at any time. Explain with facts how everything is going, roadblocks to execution, and how you are building the business.

Connect insights to real time action

Without understanding why something is happening, the narrative gets reduced to story points and countless burn down charts. Did someone just sign up for too much risking on-time and quality delivery? Are bugs skyrocketing because an engineer is distracted with meetings? Understand why trends are happening and get curated, real time updates when an event impacting your project occurs.

Plan with visibility

More often than not, planning sessions are based on subjective feelings and bias ridden gut reactions. Who is the right person to take on this additional feature? How will moving this story out to the next sprint impact your overall commitments? What does your plan vs. actual trending tell you about your team’s ability to follow through? These complex questions require meaningful data that is organized. Soulwork’s carefully curated dashboards objectively assess your execution process and help you make more informed planning decisions that result in successful outcomes.

Manage from the tools you already use

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Our (ahem) illustrious team

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Gautam Muralidharan

CEO, Chief Whiteboard Officer, VP of pretty much everything else that Cole doesn't want to do
Worked at PwC, did tech consulting and occasionally some real work. Went to school for Engineering and Arts. Loves nature and is a card carrying superhero nerd.
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Cole Grolmus

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Also worked at PwC and did actual work that Gautam took credit for. Went to school for information systems and business (that’s right...we’ve got an MBA on our team). Food connoisseur and productivity superhero.
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