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Soulwork is an internal gig platform for your employees. With Soulwork, you can discover high performers to help out with high impact work anywhere in your company. Empower your workforce to be curious, passionate, and purposeful.

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Get help and help out with high impact activities to reach a new level of performance using resources already available in your company.

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Maximize chargeability, align investment hours, and manage demand for high performing teams.

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Make your best work your signature. Automatically build a dynamic portfolio of your work that’s always up to date.

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Meaningful work is more than just a feeling. Capture in-the-moment feedback about performance that is actionable and precise.

Know why high performing teams behave the way they do

Use our analytics to gain valuable insight with context into how valuable work actually gets done at your company.

“Want to know what a high performer’s greatest enemy is? Boredom. When a top performer doesn’t feel challenged, she disengages from your organization. Not only will her performance deteriorate, but she may begin searching for more fulfilling work elsewhere.”
Forbes How You Can Keep High Performers Loyal To Your Company
“70% of American workers are 'not engaged' or 'actively disengaged' and are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive.”
Gallup State of the American Workplace
“Our work relationships have a profound effect on how we perceive our jobs. And since passion can often be contagious, surrounding yourself with energetic people, whether at the office or in professional networking groups, can help revive a sagging interest in work.”
Carolyn O’Hara Harvard Business Review: How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job

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