What the best managers use to get the most out of their time.

Soulwork is an AI assistant that helps you intelligently plan, delegate, and manage work.

Your personal handler

The job of managing high performing teams is harder than ever. Traditional methods don’t cut it anymore for a workforce that wants flexibility in how, what, and where work gets done. So, we reimagined the tools you need to manage your awesome team.
Soulwork is the assistant you have been waiting for, and it will change the way you manage. It automatically aggregates tasks and events from different sources like your calendar, email, Jira, Slack, Asana, etc. and provides a snapshot of everything on your plate, things that need attention, and potential options to resolve any issues.
Soulwork is easy to use, and you’ll be up and running quickly. Imagine the incredible things you and your team will accomplish with all of your fires under control.

Main Features

Get clarity

Work comes at you from all directions. Sprint planning meetings, fire drills, daily standups, emails from your boss, cubicle drive by for a favor, instant messages—it’s nonstop. Keeping track of everything that needs to get done across different products and spreadsheets is almost impossible. Soulwork aggregates your team’s work in one place by integrating with all your favorite tools.

Stay focused and crush

Soulwork learns how you like to prioritize, organize, and get work done over time. For example, it warns you in advance about things that will compete for your time and keeps you focused when it’s crunch time.

Plan with confidence

There are so many complex dependencies and scenarios you have to track and manage to get work done. We take the guesswork out and proactively give you options as work arrives. Soulwork uses machine learning to understand how work gets done on your team and uses this knowledge to help you forecast and plan work.

Manage from the tools you already use

G Suite
Office 365

Don’t see an integration you need? Let us know.

About Us

Our (ahem) illustrious team

Gautam Muralidharan

CEO, Chief Whiteboard Officer, VP of pretty much everything else that Cole doesn't want to do

Worked at PwC, did tech consulting and occasionally some real work. Went to school for Engineering and Arts. Loves nature and is a card carrying superhero nerd.

Cole Grolmus

COO, Chief Design, Product, Fitness, GSD Officer

Also worked at PwC and did actual work that Gautam took credit for. Went to school for information systems and business (that’s right...we’ve got an MBA on our team). Food connoisseur and productivity superhero.

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